The BEST Way To Get No-Heat DIY Natural Curls!

Isn’t it frustrating when your natural hair is not as fancy as you want it to be? Totally understandable, we all have bad hair days; hence, we constantly need to go through the process of styling hair, which makes it hard to avoid breakage and damage caused by high heating electrical appliances. Luckily for you, we are here with one of the most effective ways to get those rod curls without compromising the health of your hair, we present to you the no-heat DIY natural curls!

Yes girls, it’s time to kiss goodbye to heat damaged hair and say hello to gorgeous firm curls!

When it comes to sleeping, nothing is more convenient than twisting around and tying up your hair. You’d rather Netflix and chill or sleep while wearing your hair around your scalp.

So, today we are talking about headband curls. Never heard of them before? We’ve got you covered!

Headband curls require little-to-no-effort and give you defined curly hair. This hairstyle works best for naturally wavy or curly hair.

Before we move on, here is the normal texture of hair, without putting in any product and/or heat tools, because her mane is long and slightly frizzy, this method exactly gives spring-back-into-place curls like the ones you get from a curling wand.



After washing your hair, let them dry for a while. Start the process when your hair is 70-80% dry. Start with parting your hair from the middle and combing it out.

Now the fun part begins! You can either thrown in a hairband or use a scarf. Because of the length of the hair, it was easier to use a silk scarf so we used that. Otherwise suit yourself, as per the demand of your hair.

When you have your scarf/headband in place, begin by working your strands around the band in sections, you will eventually work your way from the front to the back. Keep your hair in place by wrapping as tightly as possible until all the strands are off your neck and sleep on it!

Wake up in the morning and voila! You’ve got no-heat DIY natural curls! Check them out in the “Before” and “After” pictures!!




…and 2 days after!


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