Home Decor Trends in 2017 with Dolce Vita Home’s Summer Collection

Just like fashion, home decor trends change every year. However, since furniture is a comparatively long-term investment, these trends are more gradual. Being an avid follower of all things home decor, the latest developments have been quite interesting. The theme of a certain room is no longer predefined. You can add items from any era you want, says Warren Sheets of Warren Sheets Design Inc. While this may fix a lot of our home decor quagmires, there are still other trends out there that should impact your final decision.

Here are some of the key home decor trends in Pakistan and elsewhere that you need to follow:


Whether it is your sofa or your coffee table, textures have become very “in.” You can incorporate them in your house in a number of ways. Starting with fabric, each one has a different feel, and doing the upholstery in one fabric and the cushions in another can work wonders. If you’re looking to install wallpapers, they’re available in textured varieties. Another way you can add texture is by adding in a throw on the sofa. Here are some beautiful examples from Dolce Vita’s summer collection that make a great combination when mixing textures!

2. Low Key Colors

2017 is the year of earthy tones, which also means it is the ideal time to indulge in some leather, if you fancy the fabric. I’m personally a fan of beige when it comes to interiors, with something along the lines of jute for fabric. Dolce Vita Home has both these options (pictures below) in case you’ve been looking around and haven’t come across any.

3. Uniquely Crafted Items

This category in particular includes items that require a high skill level and make solid investments instead of merely filling in as decoration pieces. These items even enhance and redefine your everyday experience, such as having you daily cup of tea or coffee in style. We’ve already discussed the use of one-of-a-kind items for the best coffee cart ideas. Here is a beautiful example from Dolce Vita Home:

DVH table

4. All Things Bronze

As Monique Valeris put in Vogue Living, bronze will will be a huge trend in home decor this year. There’s just so much you can do with it, and you’ll find countless options wherever you go. Here are some uniquely beautiful ones from DVH that will surely look great in your living space.

5. Nailhead Detail

Now this one may be a little hard to find, but boy, do I love it—especially on those antique chests doubling as coffee tables that are so in vogue nowadays. Dolce Vita Home has just that! Totally tempted to get one right now!

DVH Coffee Table

6. Cerused Wood Finish

This type of finish brings out the rustic quality of the wood itself. I love the pieces from DVH shown above that use the exact same technique! Some of the pictures/pieces are repetitive, I know, but that’s to show you how many decorative qualities they have, giving you all the more reason to invest in them!

7. Marble

Personally, I’ve always been a big fan of marble! Whether it’s in bathrooms, on kitchen counters or tables, marble has made a major comeback this year, and I’d like to believe the trend is here to stay. Check out some of these amazing marble tables from DVH:

8. Comfort

Last but not least, comfort never goes out of style, and that’s not just a statement you throw around whenever convenient. Comfort is especially important when it comes to items of everyday use, including the lounge furniture, your bed, etc. So, for comfort at night, nothing beats Dolce Vita Plush! Don’t believe me? Go check out their variety at your nearby Dolce Vita Home outlet!

home decor trends: Comfort


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