4 Reasons Pakistan Wedding Show Is Not To Be Missed!!

On July 22nd, I attended an exclusive press event for Pakistan Wedding Show at X2 Café, Lahore, organised by JBnJaws and Cartel PR. The event was packed with celebrities, and the star of the evening was, of course, our favourite heartthrob, Fawad Khan, the brand ambassador for PWS. The show was hosted by the ever-entertaining Vasay Chaudhry, who brought the house down with laughter through his interview with Fawad Khan and his wife, Sadaf Fawad and the fashion designer, HSY.

With so much fanfare surrounding the event, we’re super excited for the grand PWS extravaganza taking place at Lahore Expo Centre on August 5th and 6th. Here are the top reasons why YOU should also be a part of this expo:

  • The largest wedding extravaganza in Lahore

Yep, that’s right. This expo is going to be massive! PWS is arranging a platform that will allow thousands of visitors to connect with wedding planners, bridal designers, photographers, you name it.

  • A one-stop shop for your wedding festivities

All Lahoris love attending weddings, but what about the planning part? Not so fun, right? WRONG! At the PWS Expo, you’ll find inspiration like nowhere else. Whether you’re a bride-to-be or planning a loved one’s wedding, you can come here and research and buy everything you’ll need for the big day.

  • This enticing offer by HSY

Our favourite designer, HSY, has offered a flat 50% discount on his joras to the first 70 customers at the Expo. Still need some convincing?

Well, we’re coming to that…

  • Can you really say ‘No’ to meeting Fawad Khan?

Of course, you can’t. Well, you’re not alone there. We can already predict that hundreds of star-struck girls will turn up for a chance to take selfies with our beloved superstar. The brand ambassador promises to be the biggest attraction at the expo!


Well, there you have it, the biggest reasons to attend the PWS Expo! Hoping to see you all there!


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