Color Correctors: Which One’s Right For You?

When it comes to investing in my makeup a good concealer is the first thing that hits my mind, I guess it’s the only thing I’ll be willing to spend even more than a hundred dollars on considering how important it is for a complete makeup look. And if you get very lucky and find the right concealer for you, you may even no longer need to put your foundation on!

However, since last summer we have been seeing a lot of colored concealers in the market which sometimes can get a bit tricky to choose and use. So today I’m going to make it very simple for you to understand which one you need and for what purpose.

Remember the primary and secondary color chart which used to be the first thing to be done in the art class? That’s exactly what you have to go back to and look at to understand the story behind the color correctors.

Starting from the primary color red, you see the color opposite to it is green, therefore to “even out” the redness on your skin you’ll need a green concealer. Moving on to the next color Violet we can see that the color opposite to it is yellow hence to overcome the purplish tones of your skin especially those under your eyes, yellow concealer is all that you’ll need. Similarly, orange concealer for blue tones, red/peach concealer for green tones, purple concealer for yellow tones (and to make some parts of your face, like the cheekbones, to stand out), and blue concealer for orange tones which are rare for our desi skin!

Well, that’s sorted out, but the tricky part is yet to come- how to use these beautiful pastel colored things?! The mistake I used to make for a really long time when I first got them was of putting my foundation immediately after the concealer and then blending it all up, which made the application of color concealers, umm, useless? So you have to make sure that you apply the corrector on your uneven tones and then let it set at least for a minute and then put an even layer of your foundation.

My Favorite Color Correctors!

So, when you have finally decided the colors you need to correct your blemishes and imperfections, it’s time to shop! I’m going to recommend the best high end and drugstore color correctors according to me.

The best yellow undertone correctors and concealers out there include the Benefit cosmetics Lemon-aid. The Nars concealer in pale yellow is also a very effective product. The drugstore finds would include the NYX cosmetics concealer jar and L.A. girl yellow undertones concealer.

Green correctors and concealers are highly recommended of Urban Decay Naked color correcting fluid in green and NYX hd conealer wand. The Makeup Forever HD primer in green is not specifically a concealer but it is a correcting primer for redness on the skin.

Purple correctors that are highly recommended include Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting primer in purple. The NYX Concealer in a jar purple color corrector is also highly recommended.

The best red/orange/peach color correctors that work wonders include the Becca Under Eye brightening corrector in peach. The Smashbox color correcting sticks are also quite effective in this case. The Yves Saint Laurent Touche EClat Neutralizer in color orange is also a very successful color corrector.

An easier alternative to buying all correctors separately is the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Wipeout Color-Correcting Palette and a drugstore alternative is the NYX Professional Makeup Color Correcting Palette.


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