3 Amazing SmartLife Accessories We All NEED in Our Homes NOW!

Smart Life has recently launched a new store in Gulberg II and its innovative engineering is all the rage for aspiring interior designers and home owners. Smart Life is known as the leading integrator of high-end electronics. It goes a long way in terms of engineering the products available. Their versatility, diversity and innovativeness is what speaks for the brand’s knowledge of the systems. Homing the best lifestyle brands, ranging from Bowers & Wilkins, Sonus Faber, BeoPlay, Rotel, Savant and Lutron to name a few, Smart life should be every home engineer’s one sure stop.

The new store welcomes a dedicated media room to a fully integrated home theater system, allowing you to not just learn of but experience the finest, state-of-the-art home technologies. It is almost like taking a step into the innovative and high-tech future. With proficient and highly trained staff members, the store helps you experience every available product on the venue. Their services include:

  1. Home Automation

Whether it is lighting or thermostat, they can help you program your home’s environment with just a few taps on your touch screen!

  1. Multi-Room Audio

If you want to entertain your guests, this unbelievable device will make every nook and cranny of the room lilt to the sound.

  1. Home Theater

The unique feature of a Smart Life installed home theater is that you can be an active member in designing it.

The above are 3 top services this store provides with multiple options in terms of the brands you want to use. From headphones, speakers and sound systems to televisions, screens and home theaters, Smart Life introduces you to the complete high-tech lifestyle.


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