Game of Brushes!

When we come to think of which brush works the best for foundation application, the Battle of Brushes is just as unpredictable as the Battle of Castle Black was! But here I have come up with a full review of the three top Houses, highlighting pros and cons of each to make it simpler for you to guess which brush will win the battle for your skin type!

House Beauty Blender

If there’s something that helps you blend your base as well as (or maybe better than) your fingers, it has always been a beauty blender. Beauty blender presses the foundation into your skin, and its perfect shape lets you reach the wide areas fast and small areas in detail. Another reason why beauty blenders have got all that hype is what the professionals call the “airbrushed” effect; it makes the foundation absorb into your skin without giving your face the cakey look! But one must know before buying this $20 makeup tool that it eats up a lot of product. Although the absorbed foundation can be pressed out, beauty blenders do not work best with light coverage foundations and BB crèmes.

Recommended Brands: Beauty Blender and B. Latex-free.

House Oval Brush

Winter is NOT coming anytime soon and we all want to apply lightweight foundations that last longer with the summer heat as well! It was just last year when Artis came up with Oval brushes and we all went crazy for that fancy shape. Well, oval brushes are much more than the shape, they have synthetic bristles that apply the maximum to your skin even from a tiny amount of the product. Moreover, the bristles are so soft which makes it easy for the foundation to blend. One drawback of using oval brushes is that you have to have at least two of them so that you can apply foundation on the cheeks and other wider parts of your face as well as the under-eye area and other smaller sections. Also, the mid-size oval brushes even help you contour and highlight with a perfect finish! However, another con of using an oval brush is that blending takes a lot of time for a natural finish, and it does not work well with thick consistency products.

Recommended Brands: Artis, Makeup Revolution, MAC, Etude.

House Stippling Brush

With the two new houses coming into this battle we cannot just ignore the position stippling brushes still hold in this battle. Stippling brushes work great when you need a light coverage look. They have synthetic bristles as well, that do not soak up the product. However, I always feel that they fail to give me the finish that I need because of the strokey effect they leave when applying a high coverage product. So as long as you have a flawless smooth skin, a stippling brush will do the job, BUT for others, it’s just not enough.

Recommended Brands: Real Technique, BH Cosmetics, MAC, ELF.

So who will sit on the Iron Throne?

Deciding for your King isn’t that easy, therefore you have to know your needs first. If you have clear skin a stippling brush or any makeup brush will work great for you. However, if you do not have clear skin and you always go for high coverage, an oval brush would work the best! On the other hand, if your skin is too dry and has frequent outbreaks, it needs the foundation to settle in irrespective of the amount of the product, a beauty blender will do the job. The best thing about these three is that they are synthetic and latex free which soak up less of the product and are not harsh towards the skin. Weighing Pros and Cons and seeing versatility of the three, House Oval Brush wins it for the season!

Little Things That Matter!

  • Tap, move, don’t rub!
  • Unless you’re applying powder foundation, dampen your beauty blender before using.
  • If your skin is too dry spreading a little facial oil (or Argan oil) on the brush before applying the foundation would help blending well along and give your skin a fresher look!
  • Always keep your brushes clean, and wash your beauty blender more often than the brushes.

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