Tea/Coffee Addicts Alert: Make Your Special Time Even More SPECIAL!

You are either a tea addict, a coffee lover or we don’t know you heh.

Jokes aside, for so many of us, knowing that cup of coffee will keep you company to work every morning or that steaming mug of tea you will end up having curled up in your favorite armchair at the end of a long day, makes life so much more bearable! Doesn’t it??! It is one of those tiny little joys that gives us something to look forward to every day.

Luckily, I suffer from the same addiction and therefore, decided to make it all the more special for myself. The entire concept behind it was to setup a coffee/tea station that not only makes for a colorful kitchen corner but also becomes a fun ritual that I can enjoy with friends and family. Consequently, I revel every morning in the simple joy of pouring myself a cup of tea out of my yellow teapot. My husband literally stares and thinks its a shenanigan I will give up any day lol. He doesn’t understand and I will leave it at that!

So I just thought to myself what fun would it be for us all to have our own cute little coffee or tea stations? Here’s how you can set one up for yourself; will make for a fun project I promise. I loved looking for each item and then putting them all together to see the final look!

What you will need:

  • a tray (luckily found a rustic wooden one but you can totally go for a contemporary look)
  • something that adds height (I used tall jars labelled tea and coffee. You can diy paint and label old tin jars at home. Look up Pinterest for a gazillion ideas! Also you can use candle stands or add a stack of books to lend height to any object of your choice)
  • something green or living (a plant or a vase of flowers)
  • a knick knack or personal item (tiny figurine of a sufi, a souvenir I bought for myself in Turkey)
  • something quirky and round (the yellow teapot)

Now there is no hard and fast rule that states you HAVE to stick to this but it will sure help you  get started. You probably already have a couple of ideas. Be as creative as you can and experiment… you’ll be surprised what you might end up with! I’d be delighted to see what you’ve come up with so do not hesitate to share pictures! 🙂


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