Mommyhood 101: How Much Discipline Is Too Much?

The first time I took my two year old to the beach, she screamed and wailed.

…. I have sand all over me, am wet and ‘dirty’. Diiisssgusting! (That’s how my tod exclaims, thanks to Peppa Pig heh). That can’t be right! Mummy has never been cool about this mmmm and now she wants me to get down n’ dirty? What’s going on?!?!  Messssyyyy can’t be okayyyy!!! *scream* *sob* *scream* *scream again*…

It’s then that I realized how I have robbed my daughter all along of the simplest of joys;  holding the ice cream cone in her hand and letting it drib and trickle (I always hold it for her for fear of a mess, but where’s the fun in that huh?), trying to lick honey off a spoon, color without worrying about getting it elsewhere, eat, run, play, practically live fearlessly. It made me wonder how I was implicitly limiting her in every way possible; her growth, creativity, development.

So bless the Almighty, it rained cats and dogs yesterday and I let her out, fearless, unabashed, carefree. Sat in my patio and watched her dance in the rain. She stays in the same spot but the range of emotions she goes through, my gosh! From feeling the rain drops on her face to trying to catch em on her tongue, it was an experience all in all.

I am calling this series through my lens ‘JOY’.. so pure, so contagious, this is what a couple of minutes looked like.


2 thoughts on “Mommyhood 101: How Much Discipline Is Too Much?

  1. Well said! We are limiting our children from joys of childhood by imposing too many rules. Whatever happened to the golden days of being children. Messy, happy children.


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