Summer Skincare: 5 Quick Ways To Keep Your Skin Hydrated!

From the lawn craze to the obsession with chillers, summer is finally here with all its madness! But with the change of season there has to be a change in our skincare routine as well that keeps it fresh and clear even when it’s very hot and humid.

To make it easy for you I have put together the essential changes that need to be made for the best summer skincare routine!

Clean Up!

When the weather is scorching a hydrating cleanser just won’t cut!Start with a farewell to those rich in moisture cleansers and opt for a gel wash or a foaming wash rather than one that has a creamy texture.

  • If your skin is sensitive to breakouts during the summers, look for a face wash that has either salicylic acid (not more than 2%) or tea tree oil.
  • If your skin is excessively oily, mix chickpea flour (Besan) in grape sized quantity of your facewash.


Let’s Get Toned!

It’s the one change that I am excited about when summer is around, adding a toner to my skincare regimen; not only because it nourishes my skin and tightens the open pores, but also because its cooling effect acts as a stress reliever for me!

The one toner I just cannot live without is Clinique Clarifying Lotion (2) and its formula is great for our south Asian skin which commonly faces an oily t-zone. The only thing about this toner which is a bit worrisome for some users is that it is alcohol-based, which might cause irritation to highly sensitive skin. If your skin is highly sensitive I would always recommend a home-made toner. I came up with the a Magic toner by experimenting with 2-3 recipes.

  • Ingredients:
  1. Neem (35-40 leaves)
  2. Mint (4-5 steams)
  3. Aloe Vera (1 leaf)
  • Directions:

Boil Neem leaves in 2 cups of water, then strain the water in a cup and let it cool. Repeat this with the mint leaves in 1 cup of water. Once they cool down add the aloe vera gel to the solution and mix it. Pour the toner into a bottle and store it in refrigerator. Use the toner 2-3 times a day and do not store it for more than 6 days. In case you sense a weird smell from the toner discard it and make a fresh one!

It might seem like a hectic task but once you make it your habit, trust me, this toner does wonders and makes your summer easier!

Switch Your Moisturizer!

Rich moisturizers do feel like you’re wrapping your face in a fleece blanket during the summer, but that does not mean that you stop moisturizing your face at all. The tricky part is to find the right cleanser and the right moisturizer that balances out the other. If you remain consistent with a mattifying cleanser your skin will dry out more than it has to and  in turn it will rebound with more oil production, which can actually cause more breakouts. Therefore, I recommend you to switch to a lightweight gel moisturizer or a serum.

The two very best I have come across are both by The Body Shop, Seaweed Oil-Control Gel Cream, and Vitamin C Skin Boost Serum.

SPA Sundays!

To keep your skin fresh and glowy, pamper it a bit by these two easy step: exfoliate your skin and improve its appearance by applying a power-pack face mask!

I have already shared my favorite scrubs with you and now I’ll tell you about the best masks that I have come across for skin:

  1. Soft touch Mineral Mask
  2. Soft touch Fruit mask (I don’t know how but they really know what a mask for Pakistani skin needs)
  3. Aria Starr Beauty Natural Dead Sea Mud Mask (Unfortunately, it is not available in Pakistan but it is also one of the best masks that I have ever used, and clearly a must-have if you have someone coming in from abroad).
  4. DIY peel off mask: Add 1 teaspoon turmeric to egg white, and beat it. Apply the solutiom all over your skin, and then apply tissue papers all over it leaving the area around your eyes, then apply the mask again with a brush and cover it with tissue again. Once it dries out (usually in 15-20mins) peel it off!

Hello Vitamin C!

When switching to your summer skincare routine, adding Vitamin C to it is a must! It contains antioxidants that repair the sunburn and uneven skin tone, and makes your skin look clear and healthy. This can be done by consuming vitamin C supplements, switching to products (makeup, moisturizers, etc) that contain vitamin C, and adding a bowl full of watermelon, apricots, plum, and strawberries to your diet!

Little Things That Matter!

  • Switch to lightweight makeup (For example, from a high coverage foundation to BB/CC crème)
  • Try to use products (foundations, moisturizers, lip balms) that include SPF 15
  • Oily skin makes it even easier for dirt to catch up with your skin, always keep a pack of facial wipes in your bag along with compact powder.
  • Try to go with brands that are mild and known when buying a sunscreen (e.g Neutrogena, Clinique etc) and ALWAYS test it on the corner of your face before applying it all over, as a wrong pick of sunscreen can cause the worst kind of skin allergies.

Update your routine and see the difference! Lots of love! xx


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