The Jury Reviews: ABH Powder Contour Palette, Yay or Nay?

DISCLAIMER: This is not an endorsement for a free giveaway; the ABH kit has been purchased. Hence all opinions in this article are unbiased.

And finally I got my hands on the much talked about Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder Contour Palette…

But before I begin to review it, here are some things you need to know. When you buy a product, its results vary from person to person based on the following facts:

  • skin tone: fair, olive toned, tan et cetera
  • skin type: porous, dry, oily, combination, acne prone, dull etcetera
  • application of the product
  • combination of products being used: foundation, concealer, rogue et cetera

Now before I move any further, let me make one thing very clear to you; not everything that renowned beauty influencers all over the world are using is for you. Don’t forget they are mostly getting these products free of cost and being paid to review most of this stuff. That being established, I wouldn’t discourage you from giving these products a shot (I know how tempting it can get), but I feel compelled to share what I found out about this particular contour kit so you know what to expect.

I bought my kit with a lot of expectations and images of Huda Kattan and the likes  endorsing it on YouTube, in my mind. I watched every possible video online with a review about this product, just so I knew exactly the best way to apply it. That said, after contouring with the ABH contour kit, I was underwhelmed.

Here is all that I figured you should know before hitting the ‘complete your order’ button or swiping your card at Sephora:

  • The kit comes in three different shades; light to medium, medium to tan and deep. I opted for light to medium since it made most sense to me in terms of the shades available inside the kit and my skin tone (being desi and all).
  • The light to medium kit comes with six shades, the details of which are mentioned down below.


Vanilla: This is a baby pink shade that you will honestly not need at all! Believe you me!

Banana: A yellow powder that is supposed to brighten up the under eye, bridge of the nose all the way up to the upper area between the brows, chin and can also be used beneath the hollows of your cheeks. This has been included to replace the need for the brightening banana powder a lot of brands offer. But honestly it did not do much for me. It’s like I have nothing on at all. Despite claims of the palette being highly pigmented, the banana powder was a nay nay for me. Instead, I use it now as a setting powder on top of my NARS concealer, just to get my money’s worth. No matter how much build up, it just doesn’t show on my skin. Now, it is possible that it may be more visible on a different skin tone but certainly not on mine, which btw falls under the medium category for most products.

Sand: An absolute waste! This highlight/shimmer is bogus. You are certainly gonna need a proper highlighter to achieve that dewy glowing finish.


Java & Havana: You can alternate between these shades for contouring, whatever your preference. One is lighter than the other so depending on your skin tone take your pick. Havana FYI is more bronze than Java. You can also mix up the two and use them. That’s how I like using them. These contour shades surprisingly live up to the hype, are very pigmented and when blended well, create the look you’ve been looking for.

Fawn: You can use this to contour your nose. That’s the only use I could find for this shade.

  • A huge pro for those in love with only a few shades from this kit is the fact that you can purchase the pans separately. As in, you need not buy the whole kit if you run out of a coupla’ shades which is highly probable since the entire kit is not used.

So YAY for the contour shades but NAY for the highlight ones!

All in all, I by no means intend to crush your expectations but desperately want to present to you a truer picture. After weighing the pros and cons, decide for yourself if this kit works for you. The only bummer for me is the fact that this contour palette could easily have been one of the only and best contour kits out there you would ever need. It had all the essentials but unfortunately, not everything in there works for everyone. If I have to invest in a highlighter and a concealer anyway, I don’t see why I would spend so much on the ABH contour kit.


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