Kale Chips Recipe – Where Health & Taste Go Hand in Hand

Kale, aka the king of the green jungle, has been making rounds in social media for a while now. Its existence and nutritional value was never in question. Just that with healthy eating, green smoothies and celebrities raving about ‘kale’ in particular, this green leafy vegetable became more of a fad. So I decided to jump on the band wagon and figure for myself what the hype was all about. What I found out initially was this chewy rubbery somewhat bitter tasting veggie needed some getting used to. So I did what I do best …Googled it up (hehe) and found I could turn it into a yum snack.

I tried adding it to my salads raw, expecting the others in there to mask the taste and texture, boiled it, dressed it (with a dip of course) but nothing really worked for me. On the verge of giving up on kale altogether, I stumbled upon this recipe and after much experimenting, tasting and testing, fell in love with this deeeeelish snack! (Beats ‘Pringles’ hands down!)

  • Get rid of the stem first thing. Get all the leaves out and wash them properly. I laid them out on a napkin later to completely dry em. Make sure you don’t bake moist kale since that will make you end up with a soggy snack.
  •  Once dry, drizzle and rub some extra virgin olive oil.
  • Season to your taste. I keep it simple with cayenne pepper, salt and black pepper. You on the other hand are more than welcome to experiment. Add in garlic powder, paprika or whatever else tickles your fancy.

  • Pre-heat oven to 300F and lay the kale leaves on a baking tray. Spread them out so they bake evenly. Now, keep in mind temperature and timing is everything and very important. A higher temperature can lead to singed kale so just be careful.
  • Bake the kale for a total of 25mins at the above mentioned temp. After the first 10 mins change sides.
  • Once done, let it cool for a couple of minutes and then enjoy the crispiest, yummiest kale chips you will ever have!

I found out while researching kale how excessive use of it for those with a thyroid issue can create problems so kindly look it up or consult with your doc if you suffer from any such ailment.

Let me know how it was!!!


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