To Buy Or Not To Buy; That Is The Question

DISCLAIMER: This is not an endorsement for a free giveaway; the clothes have been purchased. Hence all opinions in this article are unbiased.

Summer is here. The Lawn Wars have officially begun. And as much as you vow not to participate in the Game of Lawns, you end up disappointing yourself—just like every other year.

It’s everywhere! Wherever you go, ladies can be seen buying it, drooling over it, flaunting it—there’s simply no escaping the sweet sting of the Lawn Bug. Hence, here I am, 5 designer joras down the lane, reviewing (which I promised in a recent insta post) the Faraz Manan ’17 Lawn, my first lawn investment this season. I say ‘investment’ because, no matter how much moolah you have in your pockets, Rs. 7550 is a big amount to spend on a Lawn ka jora that you would probably be ashamed to wear next year (because, well, it was so last season!). So, overall, I won’t lie to you, I was a little disappointed.

So, I logged in excitedly to pre-book one of Pakistan’s premiere lawn collections. The online process was very smooth, all the joras were readily available and the COD option suited me well. I’ve always loved Faraz Manan for the exclusivity in their design process and their unique aesthetic, which is why it’s on my list of must-have designer lawns each year. Not to mention, yellow is my weakness, so I didn’t have second thoughts while hitting ‘BUY’ on design #4!

The delivery was very punctual. The lawn officially launched on 11th March and I received my order the very next day. It came neatly wrapped in a cute transparent bag with a chain. Upon opening the package, the jora looked every bit as pretty in real life as on the picture. That is until I was able to peruse through all the pieces in the pack.

While the fabric was fine (not as fine as Sana Safinaz or Elan lawn mind you!) and the neck embroidery was beautiful, there was only one piece of border embroidery, which would obviously go on the front (picture below). There should have been a piece for the back as well. The picture that I’ve shared below may look like it’s good enough to be used on the backside too, but one motif is 17 inches and the hemline of my shirt falls somewhere between 20-22 inches.

Moreover, the other embroidered border was very stingily provided and would barely cover my kurta sleeves and I am skinny. I had originally planned to use it on my culottes, but it wasn’t long enough to cover the entire hemline. So, essentially, it’s useless for me. In the following picture, the other embroidery has been folded 4 times over with my arm over it to give an idea of its length.

May be if I had paid Rs.3000-5000 for this like I would for a Sapphire or Crescent 3 piece suit, these would have been non-issues and to an extent acceptable. But for Rs.7550, I’d say it wasn’t value for money.

I haven’t washed it as yet so can’t give you a low down on that.

My sincere request to all the designers, including Faraz Manan, is that, when you’re charging exorbitant amounts (and you won’t hear me complaining, because I’m willing to pay those amounts!), at least provide us with enough material to adorn our joras just like the models in your shoots.



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