Have You Checked Out The Julke Store Yet?

The Julke brand introduced their flagship store on February 24th 2017, a Friday that was all about the masterfully hand-crafted bags that everyone seemed to be drooling over. The event was organized by one of the biggest names in Pakistan – JbnJaws and the PR was by Cartel PR.

JULKÉ is known for its unique bags that come in vibrant colours and distinctive designs. They have a range of bags for every event; no matter what the bag size or style you want, Julke has it all. Each bag goes through an extensive design process followed by intricately detailed hand crafting by some of the most skilled local artisans. This is how the Julke team provides their valuable customers with a high end product.

On our visit to the store we especially liked their minimalistic tote bag which is a vision in orange. Whether you require it for regular use or formal wear, this bag goes with everything. The mini python and the multi python box bag are truly one of a kind. Their hot seller, the half-moon bags should be a must-have in the list of every teenage and college going girl. Ranging from bright yellows to vibrant reds and soft beige, these bags are the new IT accessory in town that every woman wants to have.

Make all your leather fantasies come true with the new JULKE flagship store.

So our question remains – Have You Checked Out The Julke Store Yet?


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