Instagram and WhatsApp Look More Like SnapChat Now Than Ever!

If you’re on any one of the popular social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, Whatsapp then you’re probably aware of the several updates that just keep hitting our phone screens one after another.  Here’s what I think is happening, now Facebook wants SnapChat. What I’m worried about is, if that happens, how will I differentiate between them all? We can’t deny that Facebook has a habit of making everything it takes over completely and utterly dispensable.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about then let me walk you through 2017, recently Instagram introduced their stories and as anticipated that led to dedicated social media fanatics to have a complete ball. The only difference that remained between SnapChat stories and Instagram stories were the notorious filters that either turn you into a disfigured baby or man face or the infamous dog filter *cue tongue*. They lasted 24 hours, just like another social media site with stories. Ring a bell?

Not to discredit Facebook and its tireless desire to be novel, two new updates were introduced on Facebook’s two most prominent affiliates, WhatsApp and Instagram. If you got them already you know what I’m talking about. Here’s what they are:

  1. Instagram Carousel

We all know the struggle behind the perfect selfie, but Instagram knows better than anyone else. This is why; you no longer need to worry. Instagram now allows you to put 10 pictures in just one post. You can swipe through them, edit and treat them like individual photos but publish them under a single post. You can even choose which picture gets to appear first and tag however many friends in each of them. So if you’ve got 10 near perfect selfies and you just can’t seem to pick the one, pick ‘em all. Upload them and allow your friends to view and comment under a single post with 10 of you in it. What could be better?



  1. The WhatsApp Status

If Instagram and SnapChat aren’t enough places for you to make videos or photos, here comes WhatsApp. Now this app offers you to create immediate photos and videos and share them. You can even do this while you’re taking a voice of video call. You can even control who sees them, just like the “seen” controversy that created uproar. What I am trying to say is, the offer now extends far beyond you “at the gym” or “at the movies” status. Now you can show where you are on the new WhatsApp stories.


See what I mean?

Seems to me that the Facebook tycoon is more scared of the single entity that is SnapChat than its entire group of social media platforms!


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