The Right Technique of Hiding Acne and Blemishes

Well, we all know that acne has a bad habit of appearing exactly when a wedding, party, or any special event is around, but the good thing is that you can now stop those ugly blemishes from ruining your day!

We now have so many products and tools that you can easily hide those blemishes and make your skin look clear and fresh. But sometimes it can actually get confusing. What to apply first? Should the concealer go first or the foundation? And what not! Half of my life I could NOT decide whether to apply the concealer before the foundation or after. So after a hell of a lot of experiments, I have finally come up with a routine which is effective in hiding acne and/or acne marks. Here’s how it starts:

  • Anti-imperfection Solution

This is not essential but something you MUST TRY for blemished skin!


Okay I admit I’m a bit obsessed with The Body Shop’s products but that’s because they are so gentle to the skin and yet very effective. I got this anti-imperfection solution when it came out last summer and I fell in love at first sight! It makes your skin go matte the very second you apply it, also it feels a little cool on your skin which minimizes the swelling of zits, and the tea tree extract reduces redness of acne.

  • Prime Time

Priming before applying makeup will reduce pores and blemish appearance. As I use the Tea Tree solution that makes my skin sufficiently matte I continue with a creamy primer (the POREfessional) which magically blurs pores and makes my skin baby-soft.


TIP: If you’re one of those who want to apply products as less as possible to your skin I’d recommend you to skip the blemish solution and directly apply a blemish controlling gel primer.

Recommended primers:

  1. Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer
  2. Rimmel Stay Matte Primer
  • Foundation

Apply a layer of foundation with a clean brush/ beauty blender. At this point don’t focus on hiding the imperfections, you may apply just a thin layer all over the face. I usually go with my Rimmel Lasting Finish liquid foundation but for the times I need my foundation to last all day, MAC’s Full Coverage Foundation is my top pick!

  • Concealer (The Critical Step)

We usually focus less on the concealer and stress more over the foundation we use to hide our blemishes, but as far as I have experienced, I STRONGLY believe that if you find your soul-concealer (the right concealer that suits you and merges magically), you don’t even need to apply foundation more than a pea size measure. I prefer a pot concealer (MAC Studio Finish Concealer, NC-30) over the liquid ones because I just feel that it gives a less cakey finish no matter what quantity you apply. Apply a tiny amount on each zit/mark and tap it gently.


But this concealer is NOT to hide dark circles, instead it’ll make your under eye area look grey. ALWAYS  use a color correcting concealer in yellow (L.A Girl definitely recommended!) for dark circles. Apply a thin layer and tap tap tap, don’t make the mistake of blending it like you blend your foundation!

  • Powder Foundation

Apply mineral powder foundation with a soft bristle powder brush OR any compact powder that suits your skin tone, all over the face. My personal favorite is a drugstore compact powder; LOreal Infallible 24H Matte Powder.




This is my FAVORITE part of makeup; applying setting spray all over the face! It makes my skin look healthier and  my makeup last for longer.

Little Things That Matter!

  • Dirty brushes are germs’ favorite place to hang out, so always clean your brushes that you use daily at LEAST twice a month. Even if they are blending well and still feel soft, they can worsen your acne!!
  • Rosewater can be applied as a setting spray as well, giving your skin a dewy finish.

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