5 Simple Steps to Glowy Skin in Winters

As the days get darker, the skin gets duller. But girls, we just can’t give up! Lately, I have been adding hydration in every step of my skincare regime so I wanted to share everything that has helped me maintain the glow of my skin.  I hope my tips help you escape the winter blues!

1) Start with the Cleanser!

The first thing that we have to switch for our skin when “winter is coming” is the cleanser. Cold air has less moisture than warm air, and winter winds lower the lipids in our skin which act as the barrier against drying out and itching. To maintain moisture of our skin creamier cleansers are what I recommend!

  • For sensitive/dry skin: CETAPHIL GENTLE SKIN CLEANSER


If you’re one of those who cannot decide which cleanser to use because your skin is way too sensitive and you don’t want to take a risk, Cetaphil is your thing, girl! Cetaphil’s Gentle Skin Cleanser owes its popularity to the fact that it simplifies cleansing your face and corrects the moisture level of your skin. It even eliminates rashes, redness, and all the itchiness caused due to dry weather.

  • For combination/oily skin: THE BODY SHOP VITAMIN E CREAM CLEANSER


It’s one of my ALL TIME FAVS! Its formula is rich in vitamin E and contains Soybean oil which prevents all skin problems, delays aging, and contains antioxidants that keep the glow going! My own skin is combination skin; this cleanser maintains my skin moisture without making it too oily.

  2) Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

Every time you wash your face and BEFORE you apply makeup, do NOT forget to moisture your skin!

Oily skin? Lucky you! You might get away with a moisturizing gel. But for those with sensitive/dry skin, finding the right one is the hardest task during winters. Here are some that I have had a good experience with and I’d TOTALLY RECOMMEND!


a. Origins’ GINZING Energy Boosting Moisturizer (all types of skin)

b. Cetaphil’s (yet again) moisturizing lotion (for sensitive skin)

c. Olay Natural White day lotion (for combination skin)

d. The Body Shop Vitamin E Intense moisture cream and (for dry skin)

3) Use a humidifier

During this time of the year, we often wake up with an irritatingly dry mouth, nose, and even skin, because of the heating systems that zap the moisture from air. I have started using a humidifier recently and honestly even though the results are not as visible as those of a moisturizer/oil, my skin DOES feel less dry and revitalized when I wake up. A must-have for winters!!

4)  Try an oil!

Nothing is more impactful in leaving your skin petal soft than a facial oil that suits you. I have a combination/oily skin like most of us do and my favorite is Argan oil. At the end of a workday, before hitting the bed, I apply 3-4 drops of argan oil to my skin in a circular motion, it penetrates into the skin overnight and seal in the moisture.2-argan


Applying any essential oil to your skin balances out natural oil production, preventing acne and blemishes. You can also mix 2-3 drops of Tree Tea Oil to Argan oil to cure redness and zits. Other than these the most effective oils I have come across are Magnesium oil for all types of skin, and Almond oil for sensitive skin, in preventing dry patches and flakiness.

5) Exfoliation

Exfoliation is necessary as it tackles the dullness during the winters. However, it should not exceed 1-2 times a week and should be done gently as over-zealous scrubbing leaves dry skin feeling even drier. There are quite a few home-made exfoliators that you can use. I’ll be sharing the recipe of my secret home-made exfoliator really soon so look out for that!

Otherwise, for the times we are TOO LAZY to put in the effort to make a scrub, I’d definitely recommend St. Ives Apricot Scrub; it is easily available, not so pricey, and does WONDERS!


6) Little things that matter!

In addition to this winter skincare regime I have a few more tips whisourcech have always been useful during this dry and rough weather.

  • Fight the wintry winds and apply waterproof mascara! My top three selections are Benefit’s Roller Lash, Maxfactor’s Clump Defy in waterproof, and L’Oreal Voluminous Lashes Mascara in waterproof.
  • You can mix a thin consistency essential oil in your foundation which not only makes blending easier but also gives a dewy finish. Oil absorbs into your skin quickly due to dry weather.
  • Use a hydrating primer (e.l.f’s hydrating primer is available in Pakistan) and hydrating setting spray to seal the moisture!lippost5s
  • When it’s that time of the week when you want to pamper your skin, apply honey and olive oil to it (1:1 ratio) and massage for 5-10 minutes. It eliminates dullness and keeps the glow going!




I hope you find my tips for winter-proof skin useful. I look forward to your comments and feedback!


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