Cafe Barbera: Our Italian Adventure

Over the weekend we decided to give the very trendy Cafe Barbera a try. The Cafe stayed true to its roots with the cosy, dim lit environment that allowed us to relax while enjoying our meal. We loved the small pieces of stunning Italian art that the owners strategically added across the ceiling, giving the environment a splash of sophistication that we look for in a high class eatery.

Before we go on, we’d like to give our thanks to the manager of Cafe Barbera for being very helpful and cordial, able to guide us through the menu and advise us on what to pick for our meal.


When we first sat down for our meal, the waiters brought us a basket of gorgeous, freshly baked bread. The variety alone impressed us with the cute little basket containing different kinds of small loafs, buns and rolls. That was until we took a bite! To sum it up the bread was an excellent start to our meal and left us wanting so much more.

Mediterranean Chicken with Spicy Pasta

For our actual meal we went with different dishes. Overall the presentation was impressive. For the Cajun Chicken and Mediterranean Chicken, there went with the classic white dishes, arranging the food around the plate with a level of finesse that it is expected from a Cafe of their calibre. They then changed it up a bit with the Grigliato Chicken Cheese Blast Burger, opting for a more rustic look by serving the burger on a tray and the chips in a cute little steel basket.


Cajun Pasta

Now, without further adieu onto the food! We’ll start with the Cajun Pasta. The pasta was cooked to perfection and the white sauce was amazing. We enjoyed it immensely before moving onto the Mediterranean chicken that was comparatively spicy. While this dish was a tad bit too spicy for our taste and the flavors were OK, it was the side of mashed potato that caught our attention. Believe it or not, mashed potato is something that is hard to perfect. There are times when the seasoning is off, there is too much cream and the potatoes are too lumpy! This was not the case with Cafe Barbera’s version of the classical dish. For us, everything was just right.


Grigliato Chicken Cheese Blast

Last but not least was the Grigliato chicken cheese blast burger, which once again did not fail to impress. The burger was thick and juicy, the fries were thick and golden and the lettuce was crunchy and fresh. While the latter may seem like a small, irrelevant point, we assure you it is not! We have been to high class cafes that have repeatedly given us the highly disappointing piece of wilted lettuce.

To finish off an overall satisfactory meal we ordered a Hazelnut coffee. We’d like to mention at this point that we couldn’t actually taste the hazelnut. Other than that the coffee was well made, with just the right amount of bitterness!

So, if you are an avid Italian food lover and like your burgers chunky, your visit to Cafe Barbera is definitely due!


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