Why “House Of Ittehad” is the place to shop!!

Since they first started their journey in 2011, the House of Ittehad has managed to “up” their game with every new edition. And they end 2016 with a bang with their absolutely elegant and regal embroidered collection. So, if you want to know where to go and get a jora that complements all skin tones, fits you like a glove and feels very soft against the skin, the House of Ittehad is the place to be.

Their entire collection is all about playing with colors and styles and making something completely unique out of what seems very basic and common. This is the classy and royal edge that needs to make room in your closet.

The almost ethereal Angelic Blues and gold piece is to die for. The unique and rich looking embroidery around the neck to the waist down is the perfect attire for a formal dinner or for coffee with friends. With a lustrous dupatta to complement it, this piece has us all drooling over it.


We love how this brand understands all the mainstream designs and ideas and takes them up a notch like no other. This is true for their unique and almost gentle pastel hues and designs. The Timeless Merino pairs pastel peach with green is perfect for a winter daytime function. It is also something that is bound to complement your skin tone and give you a natural blush.



This is also true for their Autumn chic piece in which they’ve truly succeeded in capturing the beauty of the crisp gold and orange autumn leaves. When you get your hands on this, you won’t want to let go. Imagine cozying up to a bonfire in their wonderful piece.



Our most favorite is their very back-to-basic looking Presto Classic. The perfect blend of black, blue and white, this dress is everything. We won’t say much, the picture does all the talking needed.

So if you’re stuck and don’t know where to go to fill your winter wardrobe, think and worry no more. House of Ittehad is your one place to stop and shop before you drop!


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