The New Formalwear in Town “Pehnou”

With several years of experience up her sleeve, Sana Awais began implementing her passion into clothes bringing an iconic style of Western and Eastern Fused dresses with her husband and co-founder Awais Ahmed under the label Pehnou. Like most of their graceful products, the word itself means “wear.”

Together, Sana and Awais have brought us the carefully designed and the elegantly engineered collection of all that makes the Eastern beauty irresistible even in Western styles. The clothes are living proof that they do not need to be flashy to make a statement, with careful placement of pearls and beads; these dresses are a vision for the wearer and for the eyes. This contemporary collection is the result of tireless unsurpassed craftsmanship that can be yours at affordable prices.

Ranging from nudes to bold blues, golds and greens, these dresses need to be hanging in your wardrobe as soon as they can. From tulip shalwars to western style dresses, to short shirts to ankle length gowns, these dresses do it all and in the most graceful way possible.


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