Hair Fall Solution – It Really Works!

We’ve all heard about hair fall solutions that experts continue to say will work. Well, does it ever? Not for me. I have tried almost everything. From herbal totka’s to expensive ones to salon advised but nothing seems to have worked on my hair. However, recently I discovered something and decided to give it a shot. The materials required weren’t really expensive and are always suggested to be used separately.


So after months of giving argon oil, protein treatments, hot oil treatments and what not a shot, I decided to give this particular hair oil a try. I devised this after talking to a woman who, exhausted by her hair loss, came up with this clever concoction. Here’s what you need:

  1. A bottle of coconut oil
  2. A heap of mustard seeds



To start off, just scatter the mustard seeds on a plate and sprinkle water on them enough for the seeds to become soggy but not fully submerged in water. You’ll notice that after a few hours or so, the water dries out leaving little to no difference to the seeds. Repeat the process, bear with me here. Sprinkle water on the seeds every few hours for two days. Eventually when the water dries the seeds will be soft enough that if you press them between your thumb and forefinger, the outer layers easily slide off. Also the seeds collectively might appear to be glued together as opposed to individual entities as before.

Once your seeds are ready place them all in the bottle of coconut oil. Let the mixture sit for a day. Now we’re already covered how amazing coconut oil is already. Use it like you would use regular oil twice or thrice a week.

Not only does my hair feel and smell great but over a month that I’ve used it, my hair loss has significantly reduced.


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