Top 6 Trends for this Wedding Season!

As you know, the shaadi season is just around the corner. And for the more enthusiastic amongst you, it has likely already started. It’s that time of the year when ladies flock to leading fashion houses to grab ravishing joras at prices sure to make their wallets wail in misery.

But before you begin your mad dash to the nearest designer outlet, it is important to know what’s hot and what’s not. After all, you don’t want to appear (God forbid!) old-fashioned, do you? So, to help you stay relevant and fashion-forward, we’ve shortlisted some of the hottest trends for the upcoming festive season:

Gharara Pants

The trend that brewed a storm in the international fashion scene in fall 2015 has finally started making waves in the local market as well. Gharara pants are a style staple that fashionistas have been rocking left, right and centre lately. And it’s easy to see why, for they give you an effortlessly smart and elegant look, a classy combination of traditional and modern. An added plus is that they’re super comfortable to wear. Combining an artfully embroidered top with a pair of gharara pants will give you a bold, edgy vibe wherever you go.

Our favourites this season have been the box pleated gharara pants. Also, those that spread out from below your knee not only make you look short, but are also not so appealing.

Peplum Tops

Image Courtesy: Sania Maskatiya

The peplum silhouette has been around for a while now but it has only recently been making some serious rounds, especially after that peplum shirt and shalwar by Elan for their Jasmine Court Collection that came out last year. The good thing about this silhouette is that it accentuates the waist and falls loosely around the hips which highlights the right curves. We are especially in love with those high-low peplums that look so amazing. You can pair them with a lehnga or with boot-cut pants.

Sari pants


Image Courtesy: Faraz Manan

Here’s another shaadi trend that has us drooling. Pairing two of our favourite styles, sari pants make you look instantly graceful and feminine. Drape your favourite sari over these sleek pants, and all the prospective mothers-in-law will be fighting for your rishta! It’s safe to say these pants aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Matha patti

The matha patti has been trending for a while, and it’s the “in” piece of jewellery this wedding season. It would be a fashion crime to attend a mehendi function without donning a statement headpiece to complement your painstakingly styled hair. For the most glamorous look, go for a plain or understated piece in classic gold or silver—it will direct attention to your face cut and enhance your best features.



Image Courtesy: Z & S Events

Anush Ammar and Munib Altaf’s iconic extravaganza aside, this season’s mantra is “less is more”. Squandering money on function after extravagant function will eventually become a pain for you and your guests.

Our advice? Splurge and go wild, but do it smartly. It has become very trendy to combine two functions in one. One of our favourite events is the wildly popular Shendi, a fusion of the mehendi and shaadi functions. Shendi entails more halla gulla for the guests and fewer expenses for the hosts. A double win! Besides, let us all agree that the Baraat is a boring event anyway.

The Wedding Stories

Images taken from The Wedding Stories’ Instagram

Of course, the photoshoot is an essential element of desi weddings. No shaadi is complete without the bride and groom posing for sappy photographs while decked in their wedding finery. We have noticed how wedding photography these days has become increasingly staged and laughingly dramatic. The more theatrical the poses, the more “successful” the photoshoot.

Tired of all those clichéd poses that simply come off as fake and affected? Here’s our pick: The Wedding Stories (Instagram: @theweddingstorieslhr). Their simple, one-word captions powerfully capture the emotions behind each picture, while their incredible use of light and colour makes their photographic work truly hypnotizing. Each click is meaningful and expressive, telling a wordless yet passionate story. What’s better you ask? They will not empty your pocket with extravagant rates that all these high profile photographers seem to. Check out their very vintage videos here. We promise you won’t be disappointed!


So those are the latest trends that have become a staple of the Pakistani wedding season. Let the festivities begin!


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