Makeup Tutorial: Get The Perfect Day Look As MUA Numra Waqas Shares Her Secret!

Lately, a lot of makeup artists have emerged in the market and it is actually good to have so many options that don’t really bankrupt you completely. One that particularly caught my eye was Numra Waqas, well, for various reasons.

I actually happened to stumble upon one of her tutorials on Snapchat which I tried myself and boy did it work! I now positively know how to contour AND highlight, thanks to her! Another thing that I really liked about her tutorial was how she kept on giving tips and cheaper makeup options that are readily available with the local vendors.

So, anyway I had to put it up here on the blog so I requested her for the videos which she was sweet enough to send. Here is how to get an amazing day look!

Please note that this tutorial is slightly different from the one I watched but equally effective.

Step 1: Primer

Primer is usually used to make makeup last longer so it is especially useful if you intend to keep the same makeup working for you for the whole day.

This is the ideal amount of primer you should use:


Step 2: Foundation

Use a foundation that works best on your skin. Dot it onto your face and then blend it in with a beauty blender.

[QUICK TIP: In order for the beauty blender to be most effective, hold it under running water and then squeeze all the water out of it, leaving it damp. Use this damp beauty blender in circular motion to blend in the foundation.]

Step 3: Concealer

Again, use a concealer that is best for you. There is a different color of concealer for each individual problem you may have to hide. To know which one you should use, go here.

This is how it should look:


Step 4: Contouring/Sculpting

You may use your bronzer for this too.

[Quick Tip: The idea here is to draw a “3” that begins from your forehead, bends into the lower part of your cheekbone (moving towards the outer corner of your lips) and then the last bend would be under chin, on your jawline.]

Check out how it makes a difference!


Step 5: Blush on

Use the rouge on the apple of your cheek in outward motion. Make sure it blends well. In case it does not, you can always use your fingers.

Step 6: Crease-Making

[Quick Tip: To keep your eye shadow from spreading on your cheeks, use a little concealer on your eye lids too.]

So, all of you have an eye crease and you highlight that in order to divide your eyes into neat sections that you can work on later. Here is how you go about it:

Step 7: Highlight the Brow Bone

The next step is to use either your highlighter or if you don’t have one, then a shiny off-white from your eye shadow kit. Use it sparingly on the area between the crease that you’ve just highlighted and your eye brows.

Step 8: Eye Shadow

Use a nice, brown shade for your eye lid so a natural, day look. It will even work at night, I know it because I’ve tried it.

Step 9: Lower Lid Treatment

Use a darker shade of brown to define your lower lid but go only half way through.

[Quick Tip: For the love of God, stop smudging your lower eye lid with tons of kohl/kajal. That is so 2012!]

Step 10: Buffing Your Eye Brows

It is the year of the eye brows. With the likes of Cara Delavigne and Sadaf Kanwal flaunting their bushy brows, not everyone is blessed. Here’s how you can work on yours:

Step 11: Eyeliner & Mascara

When you’re using the eyeliner, start it from the outer corner of the eye and stay close to your lash line.

[Quick Tip: Start off with a very thin eyeliner and build on it. There are lesser chances of that going wrong.]

Step 12: Lipstick

For lipstick, go for a nice pink shade.

The Final Look

And here is what the final thing looks like!


Again, you might not have naturally high cheekbones like Numra’s, the contouring will still work. This is coming from someone who doesn’t have very pronounced cheekbones so trust me on that!

Lastly, I’d like to thank Numra for the amazing sport she is and would definitely recommend you girls to join her Master Class that she’s offering! The classes start from 17th October and there are only limited seats! So grab yourself a spot now and learn all the wonderful things she has to teach!


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