Our Top 3 Picks For Eid-Ul-Azha

With the Eid festivities just around corner, the mad dash for trendy wear and perfectly matching accessories begins again. This season, there’s such an incredible array of styles, designs and colours to choose from that it’s super hard to make a choice. The social media is buzzing as the glitterati recommend the hottest designer picks, and of course, we’ve decided to put in our own two cents.

Today, we bring you three amazing Eid collections from some of our favourite designers:

#3: Czarina by Rungrez

Rungrez’s Czarina Deluxe collection has us in raptures! Think royal silks and chiffons crafted into sleek and graceful designs, oozing glamour and feminine charm. Immerse yourself in a range of the season’s trendiest styles, from flares to peplums to tulip pants. The colours are a mix of soft and intense, royal blues interwoven with blossom pinks and buttercup yellows. Each shirt has a silky smooth texture that cocoons you in soothing luxury. So ladies, if you’re aiming to show-stopping style statement this Eid, Czarina is your best friend! And hence, it is makes the number 3 spot on our favorite collections for eid!

Place your order online on their website or give them ring at +92 300 9451314.

babylonian-bliss caspian-floret edenic-nightfall gold-rush ivory-clouds lucid-dreams midas-touch northern-lights pierian-honeycomb                          radiant-frost silver-splendor

 #2: Rema & Shehrbano

Flaunt your feminine charms in Rema and Shehrbano’s gorgeous Eid line. Each creation is a work of art, soft pastel hues combined with delicate cuts and classy lace designs that make you feel like royalty. Every detail down to the tiniest stitch adds a classy and sophisticated feel to the collection. Our favourite colour schemes include all-white, pistachio and gold, and ombre and white. Find all your favourite styles under one roof, from flowing kurtas to embroidered tulip pants to funky bootleg trousers. Pair with a sequinned clutch or your favourite chunky jewellery, and you’re ready to slay wherever you go! Since, Rema & Shehrbano have failed to disappoint us with any collection so far, they clinch the number 2 spot!

Ring up the fashion house at +92 301 8904429, connect online on Facebook or visit their studio (82 Main Shami Road, Lahore Cantt). They have an exhibition coming up on Friday 9th September & Saturday 10th September at their Lahore studio.

screenshot_2016-09-08-01-49-03screenshot_2016-09-08-02-01-03  screenshot_2016-09-08-01-47-26 screenshot_2016-09-08-01-45-02


screenshot_2016-09-08-16-52-06 screenshot_2016-09-08-11-30-44screenshot_2016-09-07-14-05-30

                     screenshot_2016-09-07-14-05-21 screenshot_2016-09-07-14-01-41

13932802_1553780781314820_8259447592980349880_n 14192696_1577943302231901_5485005620125775972_n

#1: Crescent

Interwoven with an array of trendy cuts, charming designs and a diverse colour palette, Crescent’s eid collection heralds an Eid that will be classy and trendy. The brand brings you a flagship Eidwear collection that will make your heartbeat soar with desire. Inspiration for this exclusive line is drawn from eclectic sources, from romantic escapes like the shades of beach sand set against greying skies. No matter what your taste, Crescent has a little something just for you, from bright, edgy cuts to shimmery silks to floral prints. For coming up with an exceptionally chic collection, Crescent takes the number 1 spot on our top picks for this Eid!

Grab your order by visiting the retail outlet at 7L Gulberg 2 College Road, Near Mini Market, Lahore. Unfortunately, their website is currently being updated and hence, unavailable.





So don’t miss out on this season’s Eid frenzy! A heartiest Eid-ul-Azha from The Jury team!


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