Sapphire Launches Its New Concept Store – Head Down To Emporium Mall Now

Sapphire, a brand that was introduced in the market fairly recently  and grew to fame instantly, has outdone itself yet again. On August 18, Sapphire launched its concept store in Emporium Mall. A crowd dominated by the city’s most noticeable socialites and magazine reps made the launch nothing short of a flipping success. I had the pleasure of attending the event and I have to admit that it was an impressive show as it marked the opening of perhaps the best store in terms of visual merchandise in Pakistan yet.


The event itself was larger than life as the store had high ceilings and perpetuated a sense of royalty. There are several things this store has to offer that no other mall or store has yet introduced in the city. It is large and airy and allows many of its clients to move about easily. What makes it feel like a walk in the park somewhere in France is the patio right in the middle. With a petite and almost relaxing fountain, the mundane experience of purchasing clothes feels incredibly fulfilling.


If this wasn’t enough, one side of the store holds a play place for kids to get busy as you make the selection with no one nagging you or tugging at your clothes every 2 seconds.


The yummy treats by Delish

On the other side is the Delish bakery offering not just fresh treats as you shop till you drop but an aroma of buns and cookies to tickle your palette too.

The menu that will be available at Sapphire, Emporium Mall

The performance by Uzair Jaswal was a bit weak since instead of singing his own songs which he does really well, he was singing other popular songs that didn’t quite make the cut.


Uzair Jaswal

The customized sapphire cookies were completely adorable. Moreover, the swans with showcases on them created quite an impact. Sapphire knows how to make a statement and the store really does stand out.

It was a star-studded event, expecting nothing less of Lotus PR so full points there. Anybody who is an anybody was there. Sapphire’s brand ambassadors, Rabia Butt and Adnan Malik led the stars.  Naz Mansha with along with Iqra and Hassan Mansha were also spotted, basking in the success of their new mall and the store that had graced it with so much love and respect. Even though at one point the store got too crowded making the temperature slightly uncomfortable, this one glitch was more like a blimp in an otherwise picture-perfect event.


The creative and production heads of Sapphire


Iqra Mansha & Naz Mansha of Nishat Emporium

Coming to store itself, it offered everything a concept store should. I could see the distinct shirts that have allowed Sapphire to create such a noticeable name for itself, unique and eye catching jewelry pieces and bright and colorful collection of bags. Despite these items, I believe the winner of the night were their soft and super comfy tulip shalwars.


Tulip Shalwars in white & black

However, there was one problem that I believe the mall owners need to do something about on priority basis. Since it was my first time in Emporium, there was no valet or a clear sign to guide me, I ended up parking my car far away from the main entrance which was kind of a secluded place. On my way out I was somewhat harassed by a bunch of boys in their late twenties who even offered to “take me on board” to say the least. Though I looked around twice, there was no guard or people around who could’ve handled the situation had it been slightly worse. Not to overshadow the event’s success, but I wouldn’t recommend any woman to go there by themselves. So I sincerely advise the mall to take the security more seriously than they do now if they want their mall to be well-received by a wider audience. Two thumbs down for the mall on that one, it was quite the mood killer.

Not to spoil the fun, I’d like to wrap up by saying that the other clothing stores might have to kick their services and stores up a notch if they want to compete with the unique styling of the new Sapphire concept store.


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