Coke Studio: A Tribute to the Best Amongst Us

Pakistan’s 69th Independence Day is just around the corner and Coke Studio Season 9 could not have found a better time to release this year. Aye Rah-e-Haq- Ke Shaheedo has its roots in our history and I wouldn’t say it has just made a comeback. However, through this song, Coke Studio has definitely created a new benchmark for itself. This season has a very high bar set for itself.

This soulful piece is star-studded and is a dedication to the lost and departed souls who gave everything up, including their one life, for this country. Originally sung by Naseem Begum this song will give you goosebumps from the narration at the beginning to the end of the three minutes long video.

This transcendental song will leave you awestruck and truly makes you believe that Pakistan is a country of unmatchable talent and through platforms like Coke Studio, we all get to appreciate that talent.

I was absolutely mesmerized by Meesha’s stress on the word “chaman” and then there was QB who never fails to impress. One of the most heart-wrenching feelings of when I was watching the video was the fact that we lost a legend that was Amjad Sabri to a bullet. Such superior and soulful chords.

From the power of Abida Perveen to the strong vocals of Rahet Fateh Ali Khan, there isn’t a single second of this song that won’t have you grabbing a tissue. This is the most beautiful and heart touching way of reminding all of us that WE are Pakistan and we love this country, no matter what. To remind us of all the sacrifices Pakistani men and women have made for the rest of us to be able to sleep peacefully every night.

Beshak, Tumhain watan ki hawain salaam kehti hain.


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