Quirky accessories for summer 2016

2016 is all about unleashing your inner quirkiness! This summer, the world’s top fashionistas are going gaga over fun, eccentric and outlandish designs. From bags to shoes to mobile covers, “quirky” dominates the fashion scene this season. In fact, the quirkier, the better!

Designers all over the world have jumped on the “quirky” bandwagon. There are so many great brands to choose from, it’s mind-blowing! To lend you a helping hand, we’ve compiled a list of top fashion accessories you NEED to grab today:

Chiara Ferragni

Designer Chiara Ferragni is a force in the fashion arena, and her “flirty”-themed accessories have captured the imagination of fashionistas across the globe. Her brand, also called Chiara Ferragni, is known for its fun yet stylish collection of shoes and phone covers. Here are some of our favorites:


Pow Bang Espadrilles (top left), Flirting Beanie (bottom left), Flirting iPhone Cover Cat (right)


A luxury fashion powerhouse, Fendi has been setting trends for decades, and this year is no different. We love how the brand has mixed a fun and quirky theme into its timelessly classic designs. Its lively Peekaboo bags are a great hit this summer. Here are some Fendi pieces we’re currently drooling over:


Double Micro Baguette – microbag in leather and elaphe with Bag Bugs detailing (top left), Micro Baguette – black nappa Bad Bugs micro bag (top middle), Small Demijour – tricolour leather handbag with inlays (top right), Mini Peekaboo – red nappa handbag (bottom right), Mini Peekaboo – nappa handbag with Bad Bugs pattern (bottom right)

Anya Hindmarch

Talented designer, Anya Hindmarch, showcased her collection of fashion accessories—and we were BLOWN AWAY! Her brand is known for its quirky stickers you can paste onto bags for an incredibly cool and trendy look. Both bizarre and funky, Anya Hindmarch’s bags and shoes are all the rage these days. Here are our top picks:


Space Invaders Maxi Featherweight Ebury (row 1: left), Smiley Maxi Featherweight Ebury (row 1: middle), All Over Stickers Maxi Featherweight Ebury (row 1: right), Space Invaders Sandal (row 2: left), Eyes Skater (row 2: right), Eyes Cross-Body (row 3: first), Back In 5 Imperial Clutch (row 3: second), Hurry Zip-Top Pouch (row 3: third), Space Invaders Small Bathurst Satchel (row 3: last)

Sophia Webster

British shoe designer, Sophia Webster, has been making headlines with her utterly lovable designs. Here are some hot favorite accessories from her collection:


Mini Claudie (row 1: left), Barbie by SW Speech Bubble Flat (row 1: middle), Evangeline (row 1: right), Skye Sea Life (row 2: left), Beach Babe clutch (row 2: right), Blah Blah Blah iPhone 6/6s Case (row 3: first), Oprah Beach Babe (row 3: second), Boss Lady Ballet (row 3: third), Izzie (row 3: last)


Paula Cademartori

Italian-Brazilian designer Paula Cademartori certainly knows how to combine arty and chic. And the result? Pure perfection! Her eponymous brand has become a leading fashion house, whipping up some bright and funky designs that are trending around the world. Take a peek at our top picks:


Lola Ramona

We’re in love with Lola Ramona’s funky designs! Carrying around her bags feels like toting art. Check out some of our personal favorites:



And of course, it’s impossible to forget our local brands, which are doing a great job bringing the “quirky” style to Pakistan. Here’s a list of our favorites:


Our very own Almas is wowing this year with its creative take on quirkiness. These pieces are at the very top of our bucket list:


Chanel acrylic clutch (top left), The “inner nerd” clutch (top middle), See-through clutch (bottom right), Lemon wedge clutches (bottom left), Lipstick smudge clutch (bottom right)

Penguin Pop

Penguin Pop does “quirky” proud! Its fun shoe collection has us in raptures! Take a look at some of the trendiest picks:

Penguin Pop

Guns N’ Roses (top left), Harry Potter (top right), Game of Thrones (middle right), Monica Belluci and Laetitica Casta (bottom left), Pink Floyd (bottom middle), Diva (bottom right)

Quirky & Co

Fashionable with a quirky touch! Quirky and Co are delighting fashionistas in Pakistan and beyond with their gorgeous clutches. We are absolutely crazy about these ones:


Yin Yang (top left), Eternal Kiss (top middle), Egyptian Queen (top right), Bespoke Book Clutch (middle left), Digital print bag (bottom left), Q-licious (bottom right)

Zahra Habib Footwear

Zahra Habib’s eccentric footwear truly brings out our inner “quirkiness”. Don’t miss out on these hot favorites:

Zahra Habib

Smoking’ Hot (top left), Whirling Dolphins (top right, bottom right), Coveted Skulls (bottom left)

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