All Hell Broke Lose At The LSAs This Year

So, we’ve heard a lot about every noteworthy magazine and blog going gaga over everything that the stars were dressed in for this year’s LSAs, the most prestigious and glamorous award ceremony in Pakistan. This unabashed display of bias was disappointing to say the least. I mean magazines and blogs exist as critiques and if they’re not doing their job right, they are doing the whole industry harm!

Hence, I decided I gotta put my two cents in it.

We will not discuss the mockery that LSAs are in general but strictly focus on the fashion.


I have been dying to ask this question, but Momal Sheikh and Shehla Chatoor, WHAT was up with the fitting? When the queen of drapes creates such a monstrosity, who can we trust anymore?



Momal Sheikh in Shehla Chatoor

Next up is Nomi Ansari. I personally love his play of colors and the vibrant collections he comes up with. The LSA night, however, was a sheer disappointment. Starting with the top model Sadaf Kanwal in that lilac matching separates and going on to the pretty TV actress Maya Ali in a combo of black umbrellas, I expected much better. While Sadaf Kanwal’s waist was a bit too low, faux pas type low, Maya Ali’s clothes were as undesigner-esque as could be.


Sadaf Kanwal (left) & Maya Ali (right) in Nomi Ansari

Nomi Ansari also dressed the famed Frieha Altaf in a white dress that could easily have been bought from Forever21 for a fraction of the price.


Frieha Altaf in Nomi Ansari

Elan is one of the best bridal design houses in Pakistan, particularly Lahore and here is what they managed to produce versus their actual capability:


Sajal Ali (left) in Elan | Elan bridal shoot

We would have really appreciated that she go for a fitting before the auspicious award ceremony. I fail to understand what was special about this dress, to begin with. The belt is not exactly on the waist, there are no designer cuts visible. Do you really want to be known and recognized for this?

The king of drama, Ali Xeeshan also did not come up to the expectations with Sohai Ali Abroo’s sorry excuse for a couture dress. While trying to emulate Anamika Khanna, he just lost his usual dramatic aplomb that everyone is so fond of. Give me some loose fabric and I can drape it on Sohai with equal dexterity.


Sohai Ali Abroo in Ali Xeeshan

There were quite a few more but then the design houses weren’t renowned so I decided to skip them! Here’s a humble message to all the big design houses: please do not get too ambitious and try to cash in on your strengths!


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