Love Oochi? Fawad may have more to do with it than you think!

As Lahoris we come from a culture that is all about food and Oye Hoye represents just that. What a lot of people do not know is that the loveable, relatable and prone to disasters Oochi is the brainchild of our beloved heart throb Fawad Khan himself.

Launched by FMCG Oye Hoye has 6 decades worth of experience in its side pockets. The brand however gained immense prominence with its quirky character Oochi and the very tempting matte finish packets that comes jam packed in 6 different flavors to pick from. If you’re new to Oye Hoye, here are the flavors it comes in:

  1. Salt & pepper
  2. Masala
  3. Salt
  4. Cheese
  5. Tomato and
  6. Barbecue

They send your taste buds to an exciting new journey as each crisp and thinly sliced layer of potato skin enters your mouth. The tagline of this exciting brand is that it represents the “taste of the carefree days.” This is exactly what Oochi’s character has repeatedly presented to us through this hilarious television adverts we can’t seem to get enough of. He is always caught up in a situation where he feels he can conquer the world just like he conquers that notable afro he wears oh so proudly. But through the tainted vision of his aviators, he realizes that he is more prone to accidents and embarrassing situations than anyone else he is ever met. But aren’t we all? Since food is the one thing we can find peace and happiness in, Oye Hoye has turned the excitement behind their product into something not just fun but also very symbolic.

Fawad Khan in a double role? Yes Please!

In his recent advert we got a double dose of the dashing Fawad Khan and the eccentric Oochi. We get to see how his thirty seconds of fame as Oochi was because of a forgotten pair of pants. Not only do you get to swoon as the ad plays on you get to laugh as well. A double dose of everything. Fawad Khan is said to have completely understood the message behind the brand and with his plaid eye squinting red jumpsuit, Oochi represents the Punjabi in all of us. Like everything else, Fawad Khan takes this to the next level as well in a flipping success. So I guess Fawad Khan has far more to do with the brand than just showing us some of Oochi’s recent mishaps. He brings to our home screens the essence of the product, life is going to fail you sometimes, and when it does, have a good laugh and turn it into something memorable. It’s like the ad goes “life main oye but chips main sirf oye hoye.”


Our life is all about the flavors, some that we like and some that we don’t, but with Oye Hoye you are bound to like everything.  I personally love the cheese and masala flavor. Not only are the two cheesy and spicy respectively, you can’t just have one packet and say you’ve had enough. I’d say I need a family pack just for myself. The chips are super thin and very crispy. The crunch sound with each bite is far more satisfying than the taste. I also love that the packets are distinct and you can easily eye them out from a distance. People often call their brand one that “stands out,” Oye Hoye proves it practically. And anything that is associated with Fawad Khan, how could it not be a complete package. The cheese flavor is amazing if you toss it into a bowl full of salsa. And the masala flavor is great as it is especially if you want something to munch on as you watch a movie. These are my two definite snacks to grab at the end of the day. They are highly addictive with an aroma that is hypnotic and a taste that is dissimilar.


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