7up Foodies without Borders


The “7up Foodies without Borders” was a highly anticipated event that took place on Sunday the 17th of July at Royal Palm Lahore. The event was designed to promote 7up and served as a platform where food from all cultures within Pakistan came together to send everyone’s taste buds for a trip through Central Asia. The event was attended by various renowned personalities included Ahmed Ali Butt with his family, Alizeh Gabol,  Anusheh Asad, Qurram Hussain, Rana Nauman, movie star Noor, Amanat Ali and several other celebrities. Cybil was another prominent face on the red carpet as the host.

The event itself was very well-organized and very professionally managed; everything gelled well and was excellently displayed. However, the green light made it awfully difficult for us to take pretty pictures. The food was a desi-lover’s fantasy. From tikka’s to Waris Nihari to Hajjay k paye and what not, it truly was the heart of Lahore, the cultural hub. There were chullu Kebab’s, Haleem, biryani, math dhaga kebab and other delicacies from the karari streets of Karachi, the city of lights. From Peshawar we had seekh kebab, chappal kebab, maalga namkeem rosh to name a few. Though the food was meat centered we would’ve loved it if there were other less meaty dishes to devour as well. Though there was a dahi bhallay stall, the event could’ve done without. Apart from that we were disappointed to see that there was no dessert. After the tangy and exotic food choices we would’ve loved it had there been a stall or two serving gulab jaamuns or kheer just to bring everything together.

The drinks on the other hand were amazing and on point given the humid weather. There was 7up Limca from Karachi, doodh soda from Lahore and water. Limca being our personal favorite was thoroughly refreshing with every sip.

The entire event was brought together by the absolutely remarkable music performance by Khumariyan. The instrumental band truly added life to the bright night with its traditional melodies fancied out of dholak’s, zeer baghali’s and robab’s. It was difficult to ignore the music even though the host of the evening could’ve easily been left out all altogether.

All in all a wonderful experience.


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