The Newly-Wed Who Goes to Honeymoon Solo Comes Back With Absolutely Hilarious Pictures!

Meet the woman who truly understands the woes of having a Pakistani passport. And she is not afraid to show it!

Huma Mobin, from Lahore Pakistan, got married late last year and was all ready for her second honeymoon to Greece. After a courtship of 2 years and quite an amazing first honeymoon to Maldives, Huma and her husband Arsalan were all set to hit the Mediterranean coast. But like all love stories, hers had a villain too! It wasn’t her father, brother or the in-laws, but the Greek embassy that denied her husband the visa.


Initially deciding on skipping the trip altogether, she found out that the trip was already paid for and non-refundable and well, then she went ahead with the plan sans the husband. The rest as they say, is history!

The spontaneous and giddy person that Huma is, there is no doubt that she managed to make the most out of the trip not just for herself but apparently for the whole world! She got pictures taken all over Greece at all the places she wanted to visit with her husband, virtually hugging him in each of the picture to show how sad she is.

The result? Some of the cutest and most hilarious pictures that have gone viral all over!

Here she is, NOT enjoying Santorini!




Especially after losing her “other” beloved …. her phone to the Aegean Sea


Yearning in Athens…


Wailing in Crete…



We’ll say we don’t envy them at all for Arsalan not getting the visa, but we are kind of envious of them as a couple.

For more on how Huma spent her honey-less honeymoon, check out this post!


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