Top Things to Pack for Your Summer Trip

Jetsetting off on a glamorous summer vacation is an intoxicating feeling, but the excitement dims when it comes to packing for the trip. If you had your wish, you would likely stuff your entire closet into your suitcase. Unfortunately, there is limited space, so you’ve got to be very smart about what to pack and what not to.

And that’s why we’ve compiled a list of summer staples to take along with you for a perfect holiday!

  • Sunscreen

A beauty essential every suitcase should contain! Never go vacationing without packing a sunscreen, otherwise constant exposure to harsh sunlight will wreck your skin.

I have really dry skin, which means I have to be extra careful while vacationing, especially if it is to a dry climate which mostly is the case. So I pack Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 by MAC. It’s a great base that keeps my skin moistened (I add a bit of moisturising lotion in it) and prevents oil buildup on my T zone.

Moreover, having a wheatish complexion, the base really evens out my skin tone without making it look like I hit a powder truck. I use NC25 for the perfect tone.


Where to buy

The base is available at Green Valley for Rs. 3500 only. Or, if you prefer shopping online, get it from for Rs. 4208 only.

  • A Sunhat

A sunhat isn’t just a trendy fashion accessory, it also keeps away bad hair days and protects your skin from sun damage. An eye-catching, floppy sunhat will give you a chic and stylish look during your vacation. Whether it is the mountains and valleys in Kashmir or a beach vacation in Santorini, a hat will make you look fashionable and keep you away from harmful extermal elements.


Where to buy

Mango has a great selection of funky hats, like this straw Pamela hat with a frayed finish for PKR 3,490. On my last visit to Accessorise, I spotted a few wide-rimmed straw hats but I do not remember the price.

  • Umbrella

To beat the heat as you laze around on the beach or by a private pool!


I was totally wowed by this gorgeous Jade Leopard Superslim Umbrella by Accessorize for PKR 1258 only. You’ll find quite a few at Mango as well.


If you’re going to the Northern Areas, you can always buy one from the many colourful roadside stands you pass. It’s actually a compulsory tradition in my family, and our home is jam-packed with all the umbrellas we’ve bought during our many trips to Bhurban, Nathiagali, and beyond.

  • Mint Gums

These are more important than most things on your list. Please keep them handy if you don’t want people around you start avoiding you. You will traveling in buses and trains and chances are someone will sit with you who might strike up a conversation. Play it safe!

  • Panty Liners

For the love of God women, take this extremely essential item with you on your trip. You will most probably leave early in the morning and return only at night. Keep one or two with you so you can change them at least once and ideally twice while on the go, depending on how much time you will be spending outside before coming back to your hotel. All departmental stores stock them.

  • Sunglasses

Make a style statement and protect your eyes (and eye makeup!) in one go with a pair of smart sunglasses.

I love these groovy blue and silver sunglasses by Next for PKR 1886:


Loved at first sight! These gold, round-framed glasses with mirrored lenses by Mango are available for PKR3,490 only:


  • Face Wipes

Yes, you will need these again and again as well. Unless you are traveling to the Southern hemisphere, everywhere you go in the summers will be a little hot and to look all fresh, you will need wet wipes to keep you cool and your freshness intact.


  • A comfortable pair of shoes

A vacation staple! You’ll likely be doing a lot of walking, so packing some comfortable shoes is a must.

These Superstar Shoes by Adidas are a phenomenal hit these days. available at PKR 8384. If you are going abroad, look for a TOMS outlet. You will never find more comfortable espadrilles for a price ranging between PKR 5000 and PKR 10,000.


Flips-flops are the perfect accessory for a beach vacation. These Seychelles Tropical Floral Eva Flip Flops by Accessorize are on top of my bucket list. Available for PKR 629:


  • Hand sanitizer

A must-have if you’re wary of public restrooms!

Dettol’s moisture handwash with aloe vera and milk protein is great for keeping your hands sanitized and clean while on the go. Get it from good old Al fatah or online from for PKR 503:


  • A few pieces from your trendy wardrobe

Pack soft colours like lilac, rose, and peach to stay cool and fresh during your holiday. Add some matching accessories, such as colourful scarves, chunky belts, and fringed crossbody bags, for the perfect finishing touch. Here are some must-have summer vacation picks for 2016:

Boyfriend jeans

Pack a pair of boyfriend jeans for a casual yet trendy look. Pair them with a plain white tee for a killer look!

I totally love these Boyfriend Angie Jeans by Accessorize for PKR 4191.


Off-shoulder tops

Off-shoulder (or what is locally being called as cold shoulder) is trending left, right and center this summer! So if you plan to attend a lot of social events during your holiday, off-shoulder wear is a must. Zara is your best bet in this case, offering quite a lot of variety!


Maxi dresses

The quintessential beach dress! Pack a light, floral maxi and you’re all set to rock it on your beach holiday.

Ripped jeans

This style is here to stay! Take along your favourite pair of ripped jeans to stay comfortable, casual and cool. Or, if you do not want to spend money on that, rip a pair of old jeans that you hardly wear. It shall do the trick too!

Striped shirts

2016 is the year of stripes! Bring along some striped shirts to keep up with the trend.


Most of all, have fun! 🙂


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