Rowtiessrie: Flame Grilled Chicken In Karachi

It is true that if you’re from Lahore there are many things you’ll find different in Karachi, like the people. But my most interesting experience was when I went to an immensely tiny rowing-themed restaurant.


Located in the infamous Khadda market and despite it being Ramadan, there was a waiting line outside the restaurant. It literally has 4 serving tables catering to no more than 3 to 4 people each. The seating area was almost pushed into a cranny that looked on to an open kitchen.

We were provided with a page long menu and what read like Nando’s tasted nothing like it when served.


We were served grilled chicken with row sauce and sour cream with a side option of mashed potatoes and pickled vegetables. To turn this into a full course meal, grilled pita bread was also served.

I started with a fresh vegetable salad served with feta cheese. That was a terrible start to what was going to be an amazing dinner. The salad was just vegetables tossed together, it probably wouldn’t have been under so much scrutiny had it not been overpriced.


Half way through the order, I replaced my fresh lime with their fresh watermelon juice. That was another mistake. It was more like water with a slight mention of watermelon that made the juice itself tasteless, nor did it quench my thirst.

However, my opinion about the place completely changed when the food arrived. The chicken was not only tender and well done, the way it was dressed and cooked made it into something, I as a Lahori have never experienced. I devoured my quarter chicken in just a few minutes. The pita bread was served as the balancing aspect with the rather vinegary sauce of the chicken and the pickled sliders. The sour cream was the best bit. The bread, chicken and the cream paired together sent my taste buds to food heaven. I literally licked the cream cup clean.


If I had to review the place out of ten I’d give it an 8. The ambience, the rowing boats hanging on the walls and the overall design of the place easily makes it look like a café in Greece. If you have a special love for unique, tasty and one of a kind flame grilled chicken, be sure to check out Rowtisserie in Karachi.


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