Spring/Summer Colour Palette 2016

Spring is a season of colours and, this year, Pakistani fashion houses have created a diverse colour palette to capture the true spirit of this vibrant season. Inspired by the breathtaking beauty of nature, the palette for 2016 appears to gravitate towards soft, cool and tranquil shades that soothe and relax the soul, and enkindle a sense of fascination and exploration.

The palette seems to be a blend of lush green spaces and chic urban designs, a diverse and strangely nostalgic mix of colours reminiscent of travel and architecture. The colours are free and unencumbered, offering a realistic glimpse into the modern life we enjoy today, a fusion of natural and artificial elements. Designers are going all out this year, making bold and edgy colour statements, yet with classic, peaceful undertones.

This year, the colours conspicuously transcend gender norms. The fashion for spring/summer 2016 is dominated by a unisex palette, as both men’s and women’s collections incorporate the same colours, each inspired by a desire to both calm and dynamize.

Without further ado, we present to you the colour palette for spring/summer 2016:


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