Coconut Oil To The Rescue!

So, while diving into the pool the other day, I gave myself a pretty bad rash on the face because of, embarrassingly so, my lack of diving skills. A little bird, and a dear friend quickly came to my rescue.

“Coconut oil!”

I was confused. And there she went on and on about how coconut oil has changed her life (you can check out her blog here). So, I HAD to research on it and use it!

Everything You Need To Know About Coconuts

Coconut is the quintessential summer fruit. It contains cool, delicious, and nutrient-rich water, which is both healthy and great for quenching thirst on sweltering hot days. Coconut milk, made by mixing coconut water with fresh coconut flesh, is a great source of essential minerals and vitamins and is widely used in Asian cooking.

But the fruit is perhaps best known for its wholesome, nourishing oil, made from drying and heating the flesh.  Coconut oil is one of the best-kept beauty secrets of Asian women. Regular use of this miraculous oil provides endless health benefits. Let’s take a closer look at some of them:

A Fine Hair Solution


Regular use of coconut oil is the best treatment for dry or dandruff-prone hair. It keeps the hair strong and healthy, and gives it an attractive sheen. Coconut oil is rich in proteins and is thus an excellent solution for protein loss. It gently conditions the hair, making it grow out thick and healthy. It also promotes healing and regrowth of damaged hair.

My hair isn’t dandruff prone exactly, and I experienced instant softness in hair after the first application. After the third application, I did feel that the quality of my dyed, sun-dried and straightener-fried hair did improve. Now I wouldn’t tell you that it changed everything but the difference was fairly visible.

The Best Way To Use It: Massage coconut oil into your head. You do not have to massage vigorously. Be gentle and let it stay for around 4 hours before you wash it off. If you are in a hurry, wrap a damp towel for an hour or so to accelerate the absorption process before washing it off.

So if you’re worried about limp and greasy hair during the hot, humid summers, apply some coconut hair onto your head and see your hair regain its strength and vigour.


Mix some coconut oil with lemon juice, and massage it in your hair and scalp as an effective anti-greying solution.

Keeps The Heart Healthy

Coconut oil helps to regulate cardiovascular activity and keeps the heart pumping healthily. It is rich in lauric acid, a saturated fat that increases healthy cholesterol levels in the body and reduces the unhealthy ones. By promoting the buildup of healthy cholesterols, coconut oil significantly lowers the risk of heart disease.

Heart disease is very common in Pakistan, with both young and old alike suffering from this condition. Regular intake of coconut oil can boost cardiovascular health and considerably lower the occurrence of this life-threatening disease.

Daily Dosage: Ideally 2 tablespoons should be enough.

How To Use It: You can use it as a supplement for regular cooking oil, whichever you use. You can even add some to your smoothie. It will add a bit of nuttiness to the taste which you will enjoy.

Supports Weight Loss

Coconut oil is beneficial in losing weight and for achieving a trim and healthy figure. It contains fatty acids that help the body shed excess weight. It increases the body’s metabolism, thereby helping to burn more energy and to lose the extra weight.

Using coconut oil in your daily cooking is a great way to shed those pesky calories. Supplement your exercise regime with regular intake of coconut oil for faster weight loss.

Excellent Skincare Solution

Coconut oil makes a great moisturizer and cleanser. It nourishes and softens the skin, making it glow with health. It boosts the skin’s connective tissue, which prevents wrinkles and sagging and smoothes out fine lines. A rich source of antioxidants, coconut oil contains potent healing properties. Its abundant array of fatty acids can reduce internal inflammation and treat a range of skin conditions.

I have dry skin that is prone to eczema. So I tried it immediately after my swimming routine. It did soften my skin more than any moisturizing lotion and what is best about it is that it does not feel sticky at all!

You can even make a anti-ageing mask that helps even out your skin tone. Here is a video by Amy Macedo I found on YouTube that I’m sure you will find helpful too:

I have yet to try it but I’ve heard it acts as a powerful sunscreen and prevents your skin from lasting damage caused by the burning sunrays.

Better Than Chapstick

Dry skin, even dryer lip; I guess it comes with the territory. With its incredible moisturizing properties, coconut oil is an excellent solution for chapped lips. Applying some oil onto your lips at night makes them soft, supple, and strong.

Instead of buying ChapStick after ChapStick, go for a natural remedy that is readily available in your home. In fact, regular application of coconut oil actually makes your lips look pinker, making for a natural lipstick!

Recommended Product:

Rainforest Coconut Oil

Rainforest Coconut Hair Oil by The Body Shop

Size: 200 ml

Price: PKR 1630

Where to get it from: Go to the nearest The Body Shop outlet or order online via


Economic (and equally effective) substitute:

Coconut Oil (Carrier Oils) by Go Natural

Size: 120 ml

Price: PKR 160

Where to get it from: You will find it in Al Fatah or you can order it online via their website


Different Category Alternative:

Tea tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil by The Body Shop

Size: 10 ml

Price: PKR 1250

Where to get it from: Go to the nearest The Body Shop outlet or order online via


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