6 Summer Must-Haves For Your Wardrobe in 2016

With the sun blazing down in all its glory, this summer is all about finding fresh new ways to beat the heat while still channeling chic and stylish. This year, there are some great styles in terms of apparel, accessories and shoes. List down these absolute essentials to look hip and ‘in’.

Here is our selection of the trendiest new picks for 2016:

Must-Have #1: Culottes

These knee-length or midi-length pants are the “it” items to own. With the summer style kicking off, no wardrobe is complete without a pair of well-stitched culottes.

These trousers look great when paired with a smart kurta or a crop top. But remember, it is the season of the mid-riff! Belly buttons are off the grid so make sure if you’re showing skin, it doesn’t look tacky. Go with high-waisted culottes!

Where you can get it from:

You can get a nice pair of cotton culottes from Sapphire (left) for PKR 2600. Or if you want to pair it up with a blouse, you can get these culottes from Mango (right) for PKR 5490.

Must-Have# 2: Tulip pants

It would be a fashion crime to talk about the latest trends without mentioning tulip pants. By far the hottest style trend of 2016, these funky trousers are on every woman’s lust list. A word of caution, though: they’re notoriously tricky to get right and a single wrong move could set you back a decade. So make sure you give a lot of thought to your look before stepping out.

Pair tulip pants with a stylish kurta. If you’re the daring sort and are confident you can pull off the look, try the trousers with a sleek jacket for a doubly sensual look.

Where you can get it from:


You can get some amazing embroidered tulip pants from remaluxe. The prices will only be unveiled after their exhibition on 21st May. So stay tuned! You can also opt for Carte by Pasho for some exclusive tulip pants/shalwars.

Must-Have # 3: Boot-cut pants

Boot-cut pants have caused quite a sensation this summer. They’ve been sensational hits at both formal and casual parties. Being so incredibly stylish and elegant, boot-cuts earn you instant style points wherever you go.

Wear these pants with a shift dress or a short shirt for a sizzling hot look!

Where you can get it from:

Bootcut - Remaluxe


They will be available at the Remaluxe exhibition on 21st May.

And then of course you have your tailor to rescue you!

Must-Have #4: Flats

Move over, stilettos! It’s the season of flats! Slides, slip ons and sandals (all flats, of course) are a summer wardrobe essential this year. Provided you can carry them off gracefully, flat shoes give you an incredibly stylish look.

Where you can get it from:

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on Chloe’s neoprene white gold slides, there is Zara with an almost same version. And then we have our very own Shoe Planet (PKR 1999) with the most economic option.

CrissCross Sandals - MK -_Fotor_Collage

You will find crisscross sandal slides everywhere too. Prada (top) offers a mix of the crisscross and the espadrilles for PKR 55000. Michael Korrs (middle) also offers them for PKR 12000. Jumping on to the band wagon, Shoe Planet (down) also offers the metallic crisscross slides for PKR 2499. Not playing favorites here but Shoe Planet’s design does stump the others!

Must-Have #5: Belts

This season, it’s all about belts. Pair a plain white or black shirt with a sleek belt and voila, your summer look is complete. Whether you’re glamming up for a fun party, a formal dinner, or a regal soirée, a belt is the perfect accessory to win over hearts left, right and centre.

Where you can get it from:

CrissCross Sandals - MK -_Fotor_Collage

For the highend buyers, Louis Vitton (top left) has an assortment of belts that start from PKR 45000. For cheaper belts that look equally smart, you can explore Outfitters (below left). Their range starts at PKR 690.

However, we would recommend that if you want to adorn it over a kurta, get a tassel (right) and tie it around your waist. It should not cost you more than PKR 300.

Must-Have #6: Fringe

Yes, the fringe was in high demand last year, and it’s back with a bang in 2016. Look around you, and you’ll see fringes gracing everything from bags to dresses to skirts. A fringe is a very delicate and feminine accessory, yet with a chic edge that glams up the plainest of clothes.

As far as fringes are concerned, you can incorporate it in your wardrobe in 3 different ways: shoes, bags and clothes.

Where you can get it from:

Fringe bag - BTW - 2600_Fotor_Collage

The monogrammed fringe bag from YSL (left) is the perfect crossbody bag. For the local buyers, BTW (right) offers a funky option for PKR 2600 only.

Fringe Flats - Charles & Keith - 5000_Fotor_Collage

Aqua Azzura’s fringe heels (top left, price: PKR 60,000) are on everyone’s lust list, we agree. Zara (bottom left) also offers fringe heels for around PKR 10,000. But locally, you can get a nice pair of tassel/fringe flats from good old Charles & Keith (right) for around PKR 5000.

So ladies, what are you waiting for?


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